A Catholic church website should be a extension and reflection of that church.

Catholic Church Website Design Requires a Special Touch

A website for a Catholic church should be an extension of that church. It should share the same message, provide a familiar look and be easy for all ages to find information on it. The website also needs to be easy to manage. With working with varies clients for nearly 5 years, I have the experience and knowledge to make your Catholic Church website one that all members of your parish will be proud of.

Increase Communication

A Catholic Church website needs to be able to communicate with not only the parish members, but also the local community as a whole. From Mass times to charity events, the information related to these events needs to be presented in a manner that teens to the elderly can find and understand in a straight forward manner. I can design a website that will allow you to easily communicate to the members of your parish and the local community as well as help set up get communication tools such as a newsletter letter.

Spread the Faith

A website can help you spread your message, reach the faithful in an additional form and attract new individuals to the faith. In today’s word so many people turn to the Internet first to find the information they are looking for. By not having a presence on the Internet, your parish is missing out on reaching these individuals. I can help you by designing a easy to manage, user friendly website that will meet your needs.

I Believe in Helping Catholic Churches

I believe it is important to help as many Catholic churches as I can to reach the maximum number of people in their community as possible. To help with this mission, I offer a huge discount to any Catholic Church that contacts me to designing their website. I also offer a discount on website hosting. Contact me today to get started.