A website designer that provides excellent results in addition to sharing your values and Catholic faith.

Website Design Goals

When designing a website, one needs to understand how to carefully balance creativity and obedience for best practices regarding search engine optimization (SEO). The outcome of balancing these elements into a successful website will create a site that has the ability to effectively result in visitors taking the action you want them to take as well as make an impress on them. I have the experience to fuse these elements together and design a website that you will be proud of.

Design Approach for a Catholic Website

My first step is listening to you. I want to understand your business or organization goals, your brand and the needs of your customers or those you are trying to help. From there I will work on creating a creative and user friendly website that is a reflection of your business or organization, what you do and most importantly, what actions you want the visitors to your website to conduct.

More Traffic, More Leads, and More of What You Want

When designing a website, its important to balance the content on a website for both human readers and search engines. With nearly 5 years’ experience working on numerous websites, I have learned how to combine these two valuable requirements in a way that works together; resulting in both high ranking and high conversions.

Combining Faith and Work

To me, it is important that what I do reflects my core beliefs and values; which are based in my Catholic faith. I want to be able to help Catholic business owners, Catholic organization and Catholic churches succeed online without having to put their faith in the backseat.

Mobile Platform Solutions

Mobile Web DesignVisitors are increasing their use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to access the Internet. A website should be able to scale to the device the visitor is using. I design websites using the latest techniques, allowing a website to easily scale based on the device the visitor is using.