Why SEO Needs to Matter to Pro-Life Organizations

Each year, more and more people are turning to Google and Bing to find answers to questions they want to find the answers too. This includes simple questions like “Where can I find Chinese food near me?” to much more difficult questions, including “Where can I have an abortion?”, “Should I have an abortion?” and “How much does it cost to get an abortion with insurance?”. These types of questions related to abortion are an area we pro-lifer need to start focus our efforts on.

In order to show how pro-life websites stack up against pro-choice (I am defining pro-choice websites as those that either focus on abortion or suggest abortion as an option for this blog posting), I researched 5 keyword phrases related to abortion and compared the results for the top 10 results on Google. As you can see, pro-life websites are missing the mark on some very important questions women are asking when considering having an abortion. (Note: I left out Wikipedia from the count, which is why some of the keyword counts do not add up to 10).

pro-life seo chart

Several of the websites I have listed as being pro-life were sites where a women was asking if she should have an abortion or not and the individuals responding to the question were primarily against the women asking the question having an abortion.

As you can see in the chart above, pro-life organizations have a ways to go to compete against pro-choice organization websites. We need to work together to help improve our website ranking, by making sure our websites are mobile friendly, easy for people to navigate and focus on writing content that focus on why a women needs to choice life over death for her unborn child.

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